Wheels4Life – Providing Low Cost Quality Bikes for Third World Countries

European Fundraiser


A big thanks goes out to all the individuals, promoters and sponsors who have helped us raise awareness and funds on Hans Rey’s recent Europe Tour. 

Thank You 

GT Bicycles and Cannondale for the fundraiser, BBQ at the Lake Garda Bike Festival

Garda on Bike Shop in Riva di Garda for their in-store promotions

Beat Kammerlander and Trail Solutions (Doris and Georg) for their great effort and beer sale at the Austria/Innsbruck Hans Rey Multi-Media Presentations

Velobaze and GT Switzerland for their efforts at the Bike Days in Solothurn

Bike Park Bischofsmais/ Geisskopf in Germany for their continued support

Planet of Bikes Shop in Essen Germany and GT Bicycles for their support at the Ruhrpott 4X Event


A poem written by a young man that received a Wheels 4 Life bicycle



I knew a bike before but I never knew it does great things,

My father rode it but never told me it’s a great means of transport

The bike took my father to work and we had our school fees

The bike brought my father back home, and we had it for domestic use

Mr. Bike, where did you come from?

I need to know your ancestors Mr. bike,

Be you Male or female, you are a commendable machine!


You have two wheels but so many uses!

During harvesting you bring our food home.

Every morning you take me to school and bring me back home in time after school

You make no noise, you make no pollution

You are environmental friendly

You consume no fuel and yet you are fast enough!

Oh you bike how useful you are!


When we harvested our maize, you took it to the market,

When I sold ...


3 Peaks Challenge for Wheels 4 Life


Philippa and WIll Curphey along with 15 friends will attempt to do the 3 Peaks Challenge this weekend, this will involve climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours.  Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mount Snowden. At 3.30pm on Saturday the challenge begins. Philippa and Will are raising money for Wheels 4 Life in memory of Rory Worth, taking on this epic feat to help change people’s lives through the gift of transportation. Please support them and cheer them on, you can sponsor their challenge via this web-site, just click on the donate link and help them to get more people mobile. Thank you. 


Wheels 4 Life Team wins Cape Epic!!!


Esther Süss and Sally Bigham who raced the 2012 Absa Cape Epic Race in South Africa as the ‘Wheels 4 Life’ Team have won the ladies category. Thank you and your teams (Wheeler and Topeak-Ergon) for the great publicity and awareness for our cause. We are proud of you. 

Cape Epic


Wheels 4 Life Team at Cape Epic Race in South Africa


The favorite female riders in this years Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race in South Africa are no others than Sally Bigham (Team Topeak-Ergon Canyon) and Esther Süss (Team Wheeler). They will start this year as Team “Wheels 4 Life” and are already in the lead after the first stage. Thank you - Go Girls!!!!

Sally and Esther


A message from one of our project leaders in Uganda


Hello Carmen,
How are you and how are you doing?
The message from the bikes is that  last saturday a Wheels4Life bike saved a 8 year old boy’s life.This boy was swimming in a fish pond and uncerstainly he drown in water. there was no public means of transport at that time to take the boy in the hospotal.But because the father received a Wheels4Life Bike,The elder sister asat on the bicycle with the little brother and the father used the bicycle to reach boy in hospital.and luckly enough,the servived death when was recahed to the hospital for treatment..
I was called on sunday to see the boy and the perents highly thanked me and appreciated Wheels4Life for the bicycle.
However for the rest of bikes are all well and in  good condition.
yours faithfully 
Mugega Sulaiman.