In late 2022, CIDAR Uganda in collaboration with Wheels4Life Foundation started an initiative dubbed “Riding Out of Deprivation in Uganda” whose objective is to support poor and vulnerable people to escape deprivation and chronic poverty through access to bike transport services.

The “Riding Out of Deprivation” initiative was based on the motivation that a bike can greatly transform the lives of neediest individuals to escape deprivation and chronic poverty.

The Riding Out of Deprivation Initiative was preceded by the “Riding Away from Covid-19” Initiative, through which W4L extended support to CIDAR Uganda aimed at complementing government efforts in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Uganda. Accordingly, a total of 233 bikes were distributed to health workers in Jinja and Iganga districts to facilitate their movement to and from health facilities to provide the much-needed response against the Covid-19 pandemic in the region (see photo below). The results of the initiative have since significantly enhanced the capacity of the local health facilities to management the Covid-19 and other pandemics.