Wheels4Life – Providing Low Cost Quality Bikes for Third World Countries

Wheels4Life in Ghana


<p>Wheels4Life is helping to deliver bycycles to the Neko Tech Centre&rsquo;s Health Care Project, which will reach out to villages to educate residents on a number of issues, including economics, HIV, Family Planning, Health, environmental &amp; agricultural matters.</p> <p>Thanks to the donation of the Simplon Bicycle Co. from Austria, Wheels 4 Life was able to give 10 bicycles to healthcare workers and volunteers from the <a href="/admin/projects/project/2/www.nekotechcenter.org">Neko Tech Center</a> in Ghana, Africa.</p> <p>With the help from our friends from <a href="/admin/projects/project/2/www.itdp.org">ITDP</a> (itdp.org) we were able to identify 10 people who need a bike in order to do their work better and faster. They often had to walk miles to educate, consult and help the people with HIV/AIDS.</p>