Wheels 4 Life update from Hans Rey April ’17

Wheels 4 Life update from Hans Rey April ’17

Wheels 4 Life charity is already in its 11th year of giving bicycles to people in need of transportation throughout the developing world.

The charity and cause has been growing at a healthy rate where Carmen and I can handle the day to day workload along with all of our other obligations and real jobs.

To date we have given almost 10,000 people in 32 different countries a bicycle. Each of these bicycles would have stories to tell about how people have benefited from them; how they made their lives easier, how they made earning an income possible, how they provided access to education and healthcare and in some cases, how they even saved lives.

Carmen and I are as committed as we were on day one. We still run the everyday business voluntarily, without compensation. We are assisted immensely by our Voluntary Project Leaders in the field (VPL), they supervise most of our bicycle projects all over the world and again, they do not receive an income from the charity

We are fortunate to have many volunteers that hold fundraisers, spread the word and offer their professional skills so that we can keep our operating costs to the minimum. We are also grateful to our Board of Directors who help from the sidelines and assist where and when they can.

We have done our best to run this charity in as pure a way as possible, in 2016 our overhead cost was only 1.9% (this number can vary, but has never exceeded 11%, even when making our documentary films in 2009 and 2013).

In the past 12 months we have actively been working on projects in Guatemala, Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya and Nepal.

Besides our primary mission to provide transportation to people in the greatest need, we are also committed to making sure that our donors see where their funding has been utilized, that they can see who received their bicycles and why they need them. It is important for us to honor people’s efforts when raising money for Wheels 4 Life and that they feel rewarded for their hard work by reading how they have changed people’s lives for the better.  No fundraiser is too small; we have had children forgo birthday presents so that they can donate part of a bike.

Of course Wheels 4 Life would not be possible without people like you, people that believe in the work we are doing and the way that we do it. Thanks to the generosity of so many people, we have been able to provide the precious gift of transportation.

One bicycle costs on average $150. Now, as ever, we still need you, please continue to believe in our mission and help us to give bikes and change lives.

Hans  & Carmen Rey



P.S.: Stay tuned, we are currently in the planning stages of our bi-annual fundraiser event this fall in Southern California.

Bike Park Wales Fundraiser May 7th ’17 Fancy Dress Ride

Bike Park Wales will be hosting a Wheels 4 Life fundraiser on Sunday May 7th.
The aim will be to create the longest fancy dress MTB train ever. So please join them and have a blast whilst raising money to buy bikes and change people’s lives for the better.

The event will be filmed and you can see our film, which will be screened there at 9:30am. The ride train starts rolling at 11:30.

Admission is £15. 100% of proceeds go to Wheels 4 Life

Word has it World Champion Tracy Mosley will lead the train. Anybody can and should participate. Super fun and world class trails will be open all day long. More info: http://www.bikeparkwales.com/Wheels-4-Life-Fundraiser-

Give a bicycle for Christmas and change a life, or four!

Give a bicycle for Christmas and change a life, or four!

You can change a family’s life for the better, with the gift of a bicycle. One bike equals approximately four people having the benefit. One bike costs on average $150. This holiday season, if you would like to purchase a bicycle in lieu of a gift for someone, that person will receive a personalised wooden postcard letting them know that they will have changed lives through the gift of their bicycle.

If you would like to gift a bike as a gift, please add to your PayPal memo, the address and the name of the person you are gifting.


Ten Percent Project

Below is a great example of how one person can make a huge difference. Tristen Smith, a 8th Grader from Sullivan Middle School in Bonsall, California contacted us in December ‘15, inspired by a school project he organized his own fundraiser ride to benefit Wheels 4 Life in April‘16. He raised over $ 2,800.- which will buy approx. 25 bicycles. Check out his inspiring presentation below. Give A Bike – Change A Life!  Thank you.

Wheels4life-Ten Percent Project by wheels4life on Scribd

The 8 Day-340 Mile Walking Challenge for the Rory Walworth Memorial Fund by Will Oldham.

The 8 Day-340 Mile Walking Challenge for the Rory Walworth Memorial Fund by Will Oldham.

On June 6th Will Oldham will be setting out on an 8-day challenge, covering 340 miles across the South of England and visiting all 24 schools against which he played rugby with Rory Walworth in order to raise money on behalf of the Rory Walworth Memorial Fund for Wheels 4 Life. He will be finishing at Bishop Wordsworth’s Grammar School on 13th June, where he and Rory both grew up playing rugby together in a team of incredibly close friends, all of whom have gone on to various careers around the world but most of whom have already been in touch about the event to help in one form or another.

The idea came about after discussing with a couple of friends how they could go about linking Rory’s two great passions of rugby and cycling. After some deliberation and various equally crazy ideas being thrown around they settled on the Big School Run with the hope that keeping it fairly local to Rory’s hometown would help encourage others to get involved. Even if only in the capacity of providing refreshments en route! Whilst the physical demands are clear to see, he is sure that the mental challenges will be just as tough if not more so to overcome along the way. As much training as he has done to date, the concept of putting one foot in front of the other for over 40 miles a day for over a week is still somewhat troubling!

Rory Walworth was a young man from the south of England who was tragically fatally injured whilst riding his bike. Rory’s family wanted to honour Rory’s memory with something on going, far-reaching and impactful on people’s lives. They have worked tirelessly and to date raised funds for 800 bicycles, which have been distributed in Kenya and Uganda. These bikes have both changed and saved lives. Rory’s name is known very well within the communities that received his bikes. In Kenya there is the Rory Walworth Square and in Uganda our northern district project leader has named his son Rory.


Here is a list of schools Will shall be visiting on the various days, hopefully seeing as many familiar faces along the way as possible:

  • Saturday 6th June – Marlborough College (Wiltshire)
  • Sunday 7th June – Churcher’s College (Hampshire), Chichester College (West Sussex), Portsmouth Grammar School (Hampshire)
  • Monday 8th June – King Edward VI School (Hampshire), Hounsdown School (Hampshire), Hampshire Collegiate School (Hampshire)
  • Tuesday 9th June – Bournemouth School (Dorset), Poole Grammar School (Dorset), Corfe Hills School (Dorset), Canford School (Dorset), Queen Elizabeth School Wimborne (Dorset)
  • Wednesday 10th June – Clayesmore School (Dorset), Sherborne School (Dorset), Millfield School (Somerset)
  • Thursday 11th June – Kings Bruton School (Somerset), Downside School (Somerset), Clifton College (Bristol)
  • Friday 12th June – Kingswood School (Somerset), Beechen Cliff School (Somerset), Sheldon School (Wiltshire)
  • Saturday 13th June – Dauntseys School (Wiltshire), Wyvern College (Wiltshire, Chafyn Grove School (Wiltshire), Bishop Wordsworth’s Grammar School (Wiltshire)

So if anyone happens to be in Salisbury, Wiltshire on Saturday 13th June then please keep an eye out around Bishop Wordsworth’s Grammar School at about 4pm!

Will Oldham’s twitter is @willoldham89 and he has a link with instagram – @willoldham89 – These will be the platforms for fairly regular training updates!