Wheels 4 Life is working on a partnership with the Equator Initiative, a project of the UNITED NATIONS Development Programme (www.undp.org) and other partners (www.equatorinitiative.org).

The United Nations Development Programme Equator Initiative team will help us identify communities along the equator where bicycles are needed. These communities have been acknowledged by the UNDP Equator Initiative (http://www.undp.org/equatorinitiative/index.htm), a partnership for sustainable communities in the tropics.

More news and developments will be posted soon.

June 8th 2007

Our Equator Initiative program with the United Nations is working out well. We have already authorized the first 20 bicycles in Nigeria and 10 bicycles in Zimbabwe. Other projects are pending for the Philippines, Tanzania and India.

This week the new Equator Prize finalists were announced in Berlin.