Here are some background stories from the people who received bikes as part of our project in Madagascar

He is responsible for 5 villages as inspector of proper disposal of butchery entrails of cows.  He will use the bicycle when he makes the purchase of phytosanitaire at Ambositra which is 45 kms.  The  transportation cost from where he lives Ambatomarina to Ambositra is 40.000 fmg.  The bicycle therefore will reduce his transportation cost so he can use it instead to support his family.

He works for rural development in the commune of Andina and takes care of 5 villages.  He will use the bicyle to carry vaccines and insecticides for the farmers and to ferry also vegetables to sell in the market of Ambositra which is 17 kms from Andina.  The transportation cost is 20.000 fmg to Ambositra.

He is in charge of the rural development of the zone of Imady situated 17 kms from Ambositra.  He will use the bicycle to accompany  or visit the farmers to areas not accessible by car or bus.

He is in class Terminal in Ambositra and take charge of his brothers and sisters who are studying in the city.  He will use the bicycle to carry their food provision for the week.  They live 17 kms away from Ambositra and on foot another 7 kms.

He is 46 years old and a farmer who lives in Anjamahitsy which is 14 kms away from Mahabo;  He has 7 children and would like to use the bicycle to carry his farm products to the market of Mahabo.  He also works as head catechist for Analamtsivala and usually go on foot to visit the villages  which ranges from 6 kms to 20 kms. away.  The bicycle will facilitate his workload and will also be able to help his family.

He lives in Mananjaka and has 3 children.  He earns his living by farming.  During the rainy season he plants rice and during the dry season he collects honey in the forest.  His village is 6 kms away from the nearest market at Mahabo.  He has to take fruits and vegetables to market and carry it on his head to market.  He is also a catechist in charge of his sector and visits the villages during weekends.  These villages are remote and have to walk from 10 to 15 kms.   The bicycle will be a great help to lighten his load and facilitate his evangelisation of the word of God to his neighbors.    He belongs to the province of Morondava, region of Menabe, southwest of Madagascar.

He comes fromAnkilivalo and has two children.  He is working as a part time teacher in a small school in Betsiriry.  This village is 7 kms. away from where he lives and he has to walk everyday to reach it.  He also do some farming and he needs to bring his products to Mahabo to be able to sell at a higher price.  Mahabo is 18 kms. away from Ankilivalo.  When he has to bring papers of the school to Mahabo, he always has to go on foot .   Aside from all these, he also gives his time to the church by being a head catechists of his sector.  The sector covers  6 to 14 kms distance away from where he lives.  The bicycle therefore will play a very important role in the performance of all his designated tasks.

Sr. Maria Gauci is a nurse and serves the poor of Ankaramena by her mobile clinic as the poor lives in the hinterlands.  When they are sick they try to bring their sick along the road where Sr. Maria’s jeep will pass by as there are no busses that will bring them to Tanenbao where Sr. Maria lives and has a pharmacy and clinic there.   Sr. Maria passes that route 3 times a week.   When the patients are not able to get the necessary medicine, Sr. Maria has to send someone to deliver the medicine and this is all done on foot.   She needed therefore at least two bicycles at her disposal so she could send his boys to deliver the much needed medi cine to the patients.

Sr; Judith Pamintuan is the superior of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist of Mahajanga.  The sisters there run a Centre for the  poor villagers near the seacoast.  The bicycles will be used by the Sisters to reach distant areas to do community development with the fisherfolks of Mahajanga.

Both Sisters are working for rural development of communities engage in rice culture in the town of Sandrandahy.  They used to walk 10 to 12 kms.  to reach far flung villages and conduct meetings on rice culture making follow ups among farmers .  They will now be able to reach these villages in shorter time and will also save their energies for better service to the farmers.

Sr. Alice is a student of Social Work doing research work in Sandrandahy.   She  recommended a promising student for a bicycle since he walks 7 kms away from his home. No transport is available and this student is the hope of his family.  He excels in class and if he has a bicycle he will be able to spend more time to prepare his lessons at home or in school.

Sr; Madeleine recommended a Catechist who covers a lot of villages in Sandrandahy.  This catechist assists a lot the parish priest of Sandrandahy and often sends him on errands to contact important persons in the different villages for the celebration of the liturgy;  The bicycle therefore will facilitate his efficiency in fulfilling all his charge.

Pere Adrien is the parish priest of Ambohittimanjaka.   He has to make pastoral visit to 20 districts a month and covering a distance  of 10 to 20 kms away from his parish.  The other 10 district can be reached by taxibrousse.   The bicycle therefore will enable him to reach the villages on  time for the liturgy or the pastoral visit.