Muranga Project

We have received the following request from a partner organisation in Kenya. We are currently reviewing this request and planning on getting the ball rolling with the first 15 bikes. As with all of our projects, once this first bike exchange has proven to be a success, then we will consider sponsoring more bikes.

Dear Hans,
Greetings from kenya. Sorry for taking long to get you the photos, it is because I did not have a digital camera and I had to look for someone who had it. I have found the following wholesale prices of different brands I have used the exchange rate at $ = Kenya shillings 65.00.

  1. Farasi  —   Kshs. 3800 = US$58.46
  2. Mamba  –  Kshs. 5000 = US$76.92
  3. Tiger     – Kshs. 4500 = US$69.23

The retail price from a leading super market Nakumart is Ksh.6450 = US$99.23
Attached herewith are the photos of the kind of bicycles. Please confirm receiving this email. I look forward for your favorable response. As I said earlier on my request that the bicycles will be distributed in Maragwa (Muranga) and Nyamira Districts. The beneficiaries will use it to transport their goods/mechadinise to the market places.

Morris Ndugire
Director SAK

Set Apart Ministry


Posted on

January 2, 2018