Just Youth Project

20 Bikes were donated to use as Boda Boda taxi bikes, for local farmers and for school children.

Please read report below.

Its was a great surprise for the funds we received with overwhelming Joy on 11th Dec 2008 even though we were in a hurry to sum up a certain meeting in Kisumu Town.

Below is the receipt of Money we obtained and we would be honest to say that we thought the inflation has affected us seriously that we thought we could be less with one or two bikes, until we went and remind a certain Indian dealer who has given us the quotation initially, that accepted to take 6,400. The other shops Neelan was going at 7,500.

12th Dec was our Public holiday (Jamuhuri Day) No shops were opened. Purchasing the bicycles was on 13th. We paid then went to look for y-12 for the reinforcement of carriers, then were taken to the black smith . After fixing & being painted all the carriers were taken back to the shop that they may be completed.

While there were going on, cushions were also being made with high density quality foams. It took us two days to collect the bicycles from the shop after payment cause they were not ready.

On 16th /12/08 at around 4:30 they called us when ready, we organized for the transport and around 7:45, we were off loading the bikes at home.

Eight bicycles were already assembled by the mechanic on 17th /12/08 however he started the work late and on 18th He summarized the rest at around lunch hours.

On Saturday we took the bikes on road test and road show to expose wheels 4 life to the community and even beyond, one bike couldn’t complete the race. The journey was from achego, Kodete junction, Katolo, Katito up to Pap Onditi.

As we were having good times together in Pap Onditi, the following were the riders.

1.      Kevin Otieno                                        11. Evans Okoth

2.       Jared Otieno                                       12. Jeff Otieno

3.      John Odhiambo                                   13. John Onyango

4.      John Ochieng                                       14. Raziek Ouma

5.      Moses Otieno                                      15. Laurance Okuku

6.      Enose Ouma                                        16. Erick Oketch

7.      Enoka ocharo                                      17. Peter Odhiambo

8.      Gabriel Otieno                                    18. Kelvine Odhiambo

9.      Oscar ocholla                                      19. Kevine Chacha

10.  Nicodemus Onunga                           20. Enoka Dina remain in Katito.

– Majority of the riders are students who are testing the bikes for any fault that May arise for the final repairs. All of them are on our neck for the bicycles due to the distance they cover while going to and from school. And the design we have purchased are for business.. They are looking forward for theirs in Early January.

– David a youth leader is a teacher in training college and needs to advance.

The just shall live by faith and whatever happens in the spiritual, manifests in the physical. We give thanks to the entire wheels 4 Life as we expect more that we may venture to the interior and delivery effectively. May you have an open heart like Hans Ray and shoulder to lean on just like that of freeman.

We are soon giving the report of our beneficiaries and how we plan to manage for you the bikes. We will always remember you in our prayers. On behalf of the just youth group, I say Shallom


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January 2, 2018