Andrew Welch is one of our Wheels 4 Life ambassadors who rides his bike around the world on his Ride Earth journey, we asked him to distribute bikes on our behalf to people along his journey who are in need of a bike.

Please read is short report about the first person he handed a bike to. Thanks Andrew – Save travels.

Last week whilst taking some photos of an unbelievable sunset after a long days ride, I chanced upon meeting 2 Hindu nuns part of the Ananda Marga Hindu sect at their school/orphanage. Located in a village near the small North Indian town of Rewa, the area is poor and the school provides a much needed reliable and quality education for the children.

The local town is 5 km away and usually the Didi (or sister) Mahueranda would have to walk for 1 hour. I realised a bike would be a useful asset and they were pleased to accept the bike which I sourced from the local ‘Hercules’ bike shop and presented on behalf of Wheels4Life.

The bike is a standard ladies style with swept back handlebar design. Very reliable and strong with a pannier rack and additional granny basket to get supplies for the school.

I am very happy to have been able to present a bike. I have since cycled up to the holy city of Varanasi where I am staying before heading up to Nepal.

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Andy Welch

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