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Wheels 4 Life revisits Ndeiya, Kenya with Danny MacAskill on their way to summiting Africa's two highest peaks

In October Hans Rey, Danny MacAskill, Gerhard Czerner, Martin Bissig and the Freeride Entertainment film crew popped in to visit one of our former projects in Ndeiya, Kenya, on their way to summiting Africa’s two highest peaks.

2013, Hans and I did the ultimate road trip, visiting 24 of our field project leaders in both Kenya and Uganda. We made a film about it, I wrote a story about it and took one or two thousand photos showing it. Fast forward to 2016….Hans, Danny and Gerhard are off to tackle the most physically and mentally challenging adventure of their lives. Hans as many know, has thirty years experience of expedition adventures, but even for him, this was going to be a huge one. To summit Mount Kenya and straight off the back, to summit Kilimanjaro, combined 36,000’….on bikes! But first, they visited one of the projects featured in our 2013 film “Riding Out of Poverty”, located in Ndeiya outside of Nairobi. Our project leader Bishop Kamau (Cornerstone Education), brought together both previous Wheels 4 Life bicycle recipients and those that were to become future proud bicycle owners, thanks to the supporters of Wheels 4 Life. 

Hans expressed how wonderful it was to meet again, three years later, some of the people that were given a bike. To hear their success stories and how beneficially their bikes impacted their lives, it was heart warming. The results were quite incredible and thanks to the Freeride Entertainment crew, you will be able to view for yourself their stories of then and now.

 50 bicycles were distributed on 21st October, another 50 will be distributed this week in the Nakuru/Solai district by Bishop Kamau. This time sadly, without Danny thrilling the crowd with a one wheel wheelie.