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Bluewater Music Festival to benefit Wheels 4 Life

Laguna Beach, CA

Wheels 4 Life is one of the choosen charities that will benefit from the ticket sales for the Blue Water Music Festival at the Sawdust Art Festival grounds in Laguna Beach on March 29thand 30th, 2014. 

Please buy your tickets at the link below to ensure Wheels 4 Life will be the beneficary. 

This will be a fun event with many regional musicians, please read more below.

“The Blue Water Music Festival is selling 3 categories of tickets; General Admission, VIP and Patron Passes. You can find out all about the different ticket types at the Blue Water Music Festival website http://bluewatermusicfestival.org.

The good folks at the festival have provided us with direct links that we’d like you to use when buying tickets. You can also input our referral code: WHEELS4 at checkout. Keep this email and be sure to use these links when you’re ready to buy your tickets. If you use these links we’ll be credited accordingly for revenue sharing, and that will make us
happy. Here are our links for each of the 3 ticket types.

Your direct link for General Admission tickets: “http://bluewatermusicfest.inticketing.com/events/375810/?discount=WHEELS4”

Your direct link for VIP tickets: “http://bluewatermusicfest.inticketing.com/events/375809/?discount=WHEELS4”

Your direct link for Patron tickets: “http://bluewatermusicfest.inticketing.com/events/375860/?discount=WHEELS4”

Just in case you forget to use the links, remember, our referral code is just the word “WHEELS4”. You can enter that referral code directly at check out, and we’ll get credit just the same.

Thanks and see you at festival.”