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European Fundraiser

A big thanks goes out to all the individuals, promoters and sponsors who have helped us raise awareness and funds on Hans Rey’s recent Europe Tour. 

Thank You 

GT Bicycles and Cannondale for the fundraiser, BBQ at the Lake Garda Bike Festival

Garda on Bike Shop in Riva di Garda for their in-store promotions

Beat Kammerlander and Trail Solutions (Doris and Georg) for their great effort and beer sale at the Austria/Innsbruck Hans Rey Multi-Media Presentations

Velobaze and GT Switzerland for their efforts at the Bike Days in Solothurn

Bike Park Bischofsmais/ Geisskopf in Germany for their continued support

Planet of Bikes Shop in Essen Germany and GT Bicycles for their support at the Ruhrpott 4X Event