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European Fundraiser

<p>A big thanks goes out to all the individuals, promoters and sponsors who have helped us raise awareness and funds on Hans Rey's recent Europe Tour.&nbsp;</p> <p>Thank You&nbsp;</p> <p>GT Bicycles and Cannondale for the fundraiser, BBQ at the Lake Garda Bike Festival</p> <p>Garda on Bike Shop in Riva di Garda for their in-store promotions</p> <p>Beat Kammerlander and Trail Solutions (Doris and Georg) for their great effort and beer sale at the Austria/Innsbruck Hans Rey Multi-Media Presentations</p> <p>Velobaze and GT Switzerland for their efforts at the Bike Days in Solothurn</p> <p>Bike Park Bischofsmais/ Geisskopf in Germany for their continued support</p> <p>Planet of Bikes Shop in Essen Germany and GT Bicycles for their support at the Ruhrpott 4X Event</p>