Wheels4Life – Providing Low Cost Quality Bikes for Third World Countries

A message from one of our recipients

One Bike uplifting our life:

My name is Betty  Otoo  37 year  a widow and peer counselor in my village Acet (Gulu District). I would like to greatly thank Wheels4 life and VAC-NET for providing us free bikes that have changed our lives, I received my Bike in September 2011, and this bike has brought an indisputable change into our family.

Apart from me using the bike to attend weekly reproductive health meetings, I use my Bike to transport greens which I plant in my garden to the market and in return  I buy posho (Cone) for my children this has never happened before  I got this bike.  My son John Bosco uses the bike to go to school and on the same rout he carries our milk to diary where we sell and get some money. The bike which was given to me turned to be a great tool within our family the change we are realizing within the few months are great and I assume that all those who benefitted are experiencing the same.

I wish to greatly thank wheel4 Life and VAC-NET for this great support to our family and pray that this great project be extended to more beneficiaries

Thank you and God Bless your work

Betty Otto-