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Abby Webb fundraiser

<p>On March 20, 2011 Abby Webb celebrated her 30th birthday by organizing a charitable bike ride for Wheels 4 Life.&nbsp; She and a couple dozen friends got together to ride a 30 mile course through the towns of Igo, Cottonwood and Happy Valley in Northern California.&nbsp; Some friends manned rest stops and cheered on the riders.&nbsp; In exchange for a donation to Wheels 4 Life, participants received a goodie bag of bike treats and lunch after the ride.&nbsp; While enjoying burgers and cupcakes, the group watched the Wheels for Life documentary.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br />In total, the group raised $635 for Wheels 4 Life.&nbsp; A birthday bike ride to benefit Wheels 4 Life was the perfect way to make Abby&rsquo;s 30th birthday about more than just being a year older.&nbsp; It was about impacting the world through the power and joy of bicycles.</p>