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Update from our Tanzania film village

July 29th 2011

One of our W4L supporters went to Tanzania in June to visit our W4L Bike Shop in Kivisini, which we opened a few years ago when we filmed our documentary film “Wheels 4 Life - The Film - A Story About Giving” (DVD is available on this website). Since the movie we donated more bikes, including 40 bikes earlier this year. Here is what Martin from Denmark had to say after his visit: 

Hi Hans
Overall I thought the project seemed to work and after visiting Tanzania the project gives even more meaning I visited a few other projects down there, where it was very obvious that the money sent to them disappeared into the wrong pockets! so it was very uplifting to see a project that actually worked. The yellow bikes are missing brake cables and Emanuelli was not able to find them. The best solution would be a rear wheel without gears and with the foot brake, but I could not readily find them in Arusha. But I found the cables in Arusha. There is a bike shop which sells Trek and he was able to get it in stock. The shop lies close to the supermaked Shop Ride. He also asked for some better tires and here I also think the Trek store is a possibility. We talked a little about how they could get some of the defective bikes to run, but I must say that Emanuelli is a good and creative mechanic! 
While I was visiting, there came one with a bike that was broken in the frame. It was really fun to see how they split the bike in 5 minutes so it could be transported on a second bike down to the blacksmith. Not very structured but very effective and wonderful to see the project in action!
I hope it has been a help and I hope to be able to run with you one day.


best wishes