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Beyond the Great Divide

Aaron Lisco will  ride his bike around the world and act along his journey as a Wheels 4 Life Ambassador. Read more below and follow his travel blog online: http://www.beyondthegreatdivide.org/ 



On June 10th 2010 I will be taking on the the Blue Planet. I hope you will follow along as I ride my Fully Loaded Expedition Bicycle  on what friends have said is "the longest way around the world". My route is designed to take me through 60 + countries on 5 continents North/South America, Africa, Europe and Asia ( Russia, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, south Asia) with a possibility of Japan, Australia, and New Zealand after I finish in Singapore. The trip of my life spanning 5 years. 



Trip Summary:

The Americas- I will pedal the length of the Americas from “Tip to Tail”.  My trip starts in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in June of 2010. After AK, I head into Canada, through the Yukon, down to Banff.  Here, I pick up The Great Divide Mtn Bike Route, (depending on my arrival time, I might head west and down through central Washington, Oregon  and Nevada) which will take me through The United States and into Mexico.  I continue through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica,Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay.  My “Tip to Tail” ride of the Americas section will be completed in Ushuaia, Argentina. Next, bike to Buenos Aires , Sao Paulo Brazil on to Rio, catch a freighter or plane toCape Town, South Africa.

South Africa- Once in South Africa, I will head along the deserts (by road) ofNamibia, east through Botswana and Zambia, then turn north through Tanzania,Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt.  In Port Said, Egypt I will take a ferry to Turkey, or if all looks less hectic in the middle east I will bike through Israel then and over to Turkey from there.

After Africa- From Egypt, I ferry over to Turkey, and then continue onward through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria,  Poland, Germany, Belarus then intoRussia.  Here I will follow the Trans Siberian Highway to Kazakhstan back to Russia then into Mongolia traverse the Gobi desert to Ulaanbaatar across the steppe into china and enter Beijing.  From Beijing, my  travels will take me into central China, Singapore, Hong Kong North Vietnam back to China to Tibet, through Nepal, toIndia, down to Bombay, and back up through Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, before going back into Thailand to head down to Singapore… (At this point my world travel route will be complete, but who knows what the future will hold for me?)

Alternative Plans- World events and political unrest could change my plans in mid ride.  If affairs look bad in specific parts of the world, I will travel the route in a direction that best suits the safety need, For example, I could start in Singapore and make my way up and over the Asiatic areas, into Africa, then over to South America, up through Central America, and finish in Prudhoe Bay.  I’m  not afraid to travel in countries that are less than desirable.  It is just a simple fact of life that as things get bad and the struggle to survive becomes more desperate, even regular people will turn to extremes to survive.  I can’t blame them.  America is partially responsible for the fact that many parts of the world are in a less than desirable state.  “This is this because that is that.” –Thich Nhat Hahn  I feel it is prudent to exercise caution if the economic situation does not improve.      

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Thanks for taking the time to look at my site!!

Aaron Lisco
Training ride Maui, HI...NO! its not all tropical and Beautiful!!

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    If this sounds like an activity you can get behind, you can help me live my dream and give away bicycles in 3rd world countries through my partnership with Wheels 4 Life as I travel the globe, any amount helps. Please if you can give, give what you can. 
Thanks; Aaron