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Rory Walworth Memorial Fund

In England, Simon and Lynn Walworth along with their family and friends are working so hard to raise funds for Wheels 4 Life so that we can buy bikes to give to those that really need them in memory of their son Rory.

Rory was an avid mountain biker and follower of Hans’ work. We at Wheels 4 Life are so honored that his family chose our charity to be linked to their much loved son’s memory.

To date they have raised an amazing £5732.19, this equates to approximately 90 bicycles! The first 23 bikes which they donated have already been delivered to The Orucho Hill Centre in Kenya, they are being used by orphans to get to school and also to transport crops to the market. Through the use of these bikes, these children have the chance of an education and/or a job when the alternative could have been a desolate future.

The Walworth family are holding further fundraisers in the UK throughout the year, "19 Means Everything" is the name given to this humanitarian project because Rory was 19. Please keep checking this site for updates.

Without people like the Walworth’s Hans and I could not do the work we are doing to "Give Bikes and Change Lives".

Words cannot express my appreciation and respect for the work that Lynn and Simon, her Brother and sister-in-law Lucy are doing.

I know one thing for certain, Rory would be so proud.

Asante Sana

Our thanks

Carmen & Hans