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Waupaca Middle School Fundraiser

Update from Wisconsin, Jan. 04 2009
The students from different grades from the Waupaca Learning Center and Middle School in Wisconsin, have raised $ 1200 so far on behalf of Wheels 4 Life.
Below is a photo of some of the students proudly displaying the amount their grades have raised.
This donation will be spend to buy bikes for our upcoming trip to Tanzania in Feb. ‘09, where we will conclude our Wheels 4 Villages Film project.  
Big thanks to all the students and teachers in Waupaca.
Waupaca, Wisconsin Oct. 14th 2008

Dear Hans,

I’m Aaron Lutze’s dad. We met at Saalbach this summer.  Aaron was in my
eighth grade class today doing a presentation on the Summer of Shred, and
in particular, the Wheels4Life program. My students are doing a recycling
program(of computer print cartridges) this year that will earn them money.
After seeing the presentation, they have decided to donate their money to
Wheels4Life. We will be sending a check to you next spring.

Attached are  some pictures from Aaron’s presentation in my classes today.

Barrie Lutze
Eighth Grade English Teacher
Waupaca Middle School


Aaron Lutze talks to the 8th Grade students at Waupaca Middle School about Wheels 4 Life and his Flips 4 Life fundraiser. He inspired the students to do their own W4L fundraiser. 

Arron Lutze inspired the students of his dad’s 8th Grade Middle School class to start their own W4L fundraiser.