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Tretlager Fundraiser, Winterthur, Switzerland

Dear all, 
please find attached some flyers for a fundraiser event in Switzerland October 25th 2008, in cooperation with a big bike shop "Tretlager" in Winterthur, GT Switzerland, Hans Rey and Wheels 4 Life. 

It started out as a fundraiser from the bike shop to open a partner bike shop for Wheels 4 Life in Tanzania. 

I volunteered my time with a personal appearance and a slideshow presentation about my 20 years with GT and about our Wheels 4 Villages project in Tanzania. 

GT Switzerland joined forces in promoting the event. Top riders like Roger Rinderknecht will be there.  There are several serious GT bike collectors in Switzerland and Germany. Some of them will bring some of their rare collector GT models for a special GT exhibition. 

Please help us spread the word in Switzerland and Germany (Winterthur is about 30 minutes east of Zürich). 

The goal is to raise money and tools and parts to buy a old container, that will serve as the actual shop and some inventory to help them get it started. Everything will be filmed for our Wheels 4 Villages Film Project, which is supported by Adidas, GT Bicycles, Ergon, Fox Shox, Trent College in the UK, Alps Tours and Met Helmets