Wheels4Life – Providing Low Cost Quality Bikes for Third World Countries

Trent College Supports Wheel4Villages

We are very happy that Trent College from Nottingham, UK, one of England’s top private colleges, came on board as a supporter and partner for the Wheels4Villages project.

Our "Wheels 4 Villages — Film Project" is a 2-year film project to document the impact of bicycles in one remote Tanzanian community.

The film will demonstrate the live-changing importance of bikes in the Third World.   

Trent College and its students will be involved on several different levels; their first fundraiser just happened the other day.

Here’s a report from Harry Freeman, a student at Trent College:

On Wednesday 5th December my school, Trent College, had a special lunch to raise money for Wheels 4 Life.

Our lunch was extremely basic compared to what we are used to, we had boiled rice and bananas. However for many third world countries this would be a feast. The money that was saved by having this lunch will go towards Wheels 4 Life’s Tanzanian Villages Project.

Specifically the money we donate will go towards buying bicycles for the children of the Ugweno Valley.

This will provide them with the transport they need to get them to school and back, in some cases a distance of up to 20 miles and in extreme heat. The only thing that is keeping them from an education is transport, we at Trent College are very happy to be solving this problem for them. It feels very good to know that we who have one of the best educations are making it possible for other children to receive an education too!

Carmen Freeman from Wheels 4 Life receives a fundraising check from the Trent College students 


Students from Trent College with some of the prizes that were raffled during their fundraiser in Dec.‘07