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CamelBak Bottles

<p>Friedrichshafen, Sept. 6, 2006</p> <p>At this year&rsquo;s Eurobike show a total of 1000 CamelBak bottles were sold, generating proceeds of 10.000 Euro in total. The amount was handed over to Hans Rey, mountain bike legend and founder of &lsquo;Wheels 4 Life&rsquo;.</p> <p>&ldquo;This was the biggest promotion for our charity so far. It was a great way to raise awareness and funds. With this donation we can buy at least 150 bicycles. I hope we can do similar promotions in the future. It was nice to see how much dedication and heart the Camelbak crew put into this promotion during Eurobike&rdquo;, said Hans Rey. Wheels 4 Life is a non-profit organization that aims to provide people in third world countries with bikes as an important means of transportation to school or work.</p> <p><img src="/media/images/Hans-Rey_Charity_72.jpg" alt="CamelBak Bottle Promotion, Friedrichshafen, Germany" width="340" height="348" /></p> <p><img src="/media/images/Eurobike06_Booth_Bottle_Sal.jpg" alt="CamelBak Bottle Promotion, Friedrichshafen, Germany" width="274" height="365" /></p> <p><img src="/media/images/Hans_Rey_with_children_7-01.jpg" alt="Hans delivering bikes" width="410" height="307" /></p>