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CamelBak Donates Bottle Proceeds to Wheels 4 Life

<p>Mons, Belgium</p><p>CamelBak International intends to donate 1000 of its new &lsquo;Better Bottle&rsquo; to &lsquo;Wheels 4 Life&rsquo; at the upcoming Eurobike Show in Friedrichshafen. </p> <p>CamelBak sells the new bottles at their Eurobike booth at a ?10.00 promotional price and donates the full proceeds to Wheels 4 Life. This non-profit organization aims to provide people in Third World Countries with bikes as an important means of transportation to school or work. &ldquo;As an outdoor recreational brand, originating in the bicycle culture, we must remember that for millions of people a bicycle is an important asset, a means to a better future, not merely a recreational vehicle. Aside from the proceeds, we also hope to generate more interest and support for &lsquo;Wheels 4 Life&rsquo; as an organization&rdquo; states Julien Guardiola, International Events &amp; Communications Manager at CamelBak.</p> <p>Former Mountain Bike World Champion, Hans Rey, founder of Wheels 4 Life, sums it all up: &ldquo;A bicycle can make all the difference in someone&rsquo;s life. It can mean the difference between having a job or not, being able to go to school, seeing a doctor etc. The gift of mobility can work miracles, the term &lsquo;upward mobility&rsquo; literally takes on a new meaning.&rdquo;</p> <p>When asked about the promotional effort by CamelBak at Eurobike Hans states: &ldquo;I am very excited about this promotion. I&rsquo;ll make it a point to be at Eurobike the entire four days. This effort will give our organization a real boost both in funds and moral&rdquo;. </p> <p>CamelBak is also an official Partner to the Eurobike 2006 Show. Strategically placed &lsquo;Hydration Points&rsquo; between the Halls will quench the thirst of all Eurobike visitors.</p> <p>&ldquo;We&rsquo;ve had the pleasure of working with CamelBak as our partner during a heat wave earlier this year&rdquo; says Eurobike Project Manager Stefan Reisinger, &ldquo;The CamelBak Hydration Points were among the most frequented &lsquo;hot spots&rsquo;. We certainly expect our Eurobike visitors to remain well-hydrated thanks to CamelBak.&rdquo;</p>