Matt and Micheal, two 12 year old boys from the Los Angeles area, have organized a used bike collection for Wheels 4 Life. ( we usually don’t deal with used bikes, but in this case we will bring them straight to Mexico and make sure they will find owners in need of mobility).

They had their bike collection last weekend and collected 26 bikes plus $161 in cash. I got to meet the boys on Sunday in Orange County, when they delivered the bikes to where we are storing them until we will deliver them to Mexico.

Thank you guys for making a difference.

Read Matt Winkel’s report here:

My friend Michael and I decided to work with Wheels4Life for our Bar Mitzvah project.  We collected bikes from people in our neighborhoods and gave them to Hans Rey and his organization.  Hans planned on taking these bikes to people who needed them in Baja, Mexico.

I got a lot out of this project.  I feel like I did some good for the world by collecting 26 bikes and helping at least 26 lives.  In fact we also collected $161 in donations, which we also gave to Wheels4Life. These bikes not only will help the recipients but they also benefit the families. My friend Michael and I had so much fun with this that we are thinking of making it an annual event.  This was a great experience, combining our love of biking with helping others. I recommend that everyone who loves to bike and wants to help people who need it, to get involved with Wheels4Life. And one of the best things is that I got to meet Hans Rey, who was an awesome guy.