Wheels4Life  bicycles to the Neko Tech Centre’s Health Care Project, which will reach out to villages to educate residents on a number of issues, including economics, HIV, Family Planning, Health, environmental & agricultural matters.

Here are letters from some of the healthcare volunteers describing themselves and how a bike will support their work:

Wisdom Tengey
Age: 28
Location: Vui, Ghana

I will use my bike to:

  • Commute in the community for jobs
  • Help me get to church, the market and other places on time
  • Save money on transportation fare
  • Visit my friends and family regularly
  • For bicycle racing, excercise

Forgive Agbokemey
Age: 19
Location: Dzelukope, Ghana

I will use my bike to:

  • Get to school on time
  • To go to the market to buy goods
  • Cycling, competition training activities
  • It will cut down on transportation costs
  • Down trotting or other physical exercise

Elvis Kwana
Age: 22
Location: Kedzi, Ghana

I will use my bike to:

  • Get to school and church
  • Visit my parents
  • Cycling
  • It will save me money for things like pens, pencils, exercise book, etc for school supplies
  • To build my body healthy and strong by riding always