Dear Carmen, greetings from Kizito foundation of Lyantonde in Uganda. Last Sunday, I was able to distribute the bikes to the beneficiaries and it was great! Women never thought they would be given more bikes. It was a surprise to them. I was able to take a few pictures some of which are these in the message. However, it was important to note that the prices for the bikes have gone significantly higher compared to the past. This is due to the economic crisis in the country- which you may be aware of. For that reason, I was able to negotiate for a few bikes (King type) and I was able to get them at a slightly lower cost but other types were high. The King type was out of stock given that many people take it due to its lower cost. We are hopeful that the prices will stabilize maybe next year. Thanks for the support to kizito foundation. NB: in Kizito foundation, there is a young man who helps me to do the mechanical part of the bikes and at the same time teaches those women to do the simple part of it. There is also a young woman who is as well good at bike mechanics. See them in the pictures below.

This beneficiary trades in Charcoal. She will use the bike to transport her charcoal to the market.

In this picture, a youngman(extreme right) helps women to do some simple mechanics after they had received their bikes.

This young woman is also good at bike mechanics. She also helps to teach women to do simple mechanics while sometimes, she spares time to help those whose bikes are not in good condition.

These women were inflating the tyres of their bikes having received them.

These two young girls who are part of the kizito foundation were very happy to receive a bike. They will use it to do a number of things to improve their life.

This woman, who is a market vendour was very happy to receive a bike. She said she will use it to collect her merchandise and will be able to save some money she was using to higher a motor bike to collect her things.

This woman was also a beneficiary this time. She also vends in the market. So the bike will be used to help her simplify her work.

It should however be noted that although many women will be using the bikes in their small businesses, the bikes will as well be used in their homes to take children to health centres, children will use them to go to school while others will use them for different purposes.