Events & Promotions

Wheels4Life is funded by donations from people like you, but there are other ways you can help too, like organizing your own fundraising event in your community, school or corporation.

This page lists all the recent fundraisers and promotions we’ve done, large and small. Have a look at the events below for more suggestions and details.

And feel free to contact us if you have questions or don’t know how to get started.

Fundraisers and Projects

Sho-Air Cyclery raising money for Wheels 4 Life

Sho-Air Cyclery, the newly opened GT stockist, bicycle shop at 8530 E. Chapman, Orange, California chose to support Wheels 4 Life through a race event on Saturday 6th September. Adding to the support were members of our “Team Wheels 4 L”, that race so that...

7-year old Adam Pettifer fundraiser

7-year old Adam Pettifer fundraiser

My 7 year old son, Adam and I rode out out for a weekend of riding in the Peak District, UK. Aside from the challenge and adventure, he took the opportunity to raise money for wheels4life after receiving a new bike for his birthday. He carried all of his...

Cape Epic ’14 Team Rothorn-Brien

Cape Epic ’14 Team Rothorn-Brien

A big thank you goes to Christoph Fuchs and Urs Schild from Switzerland. They raced this year in the 7 day Cape Epic Mountain Bike stage race in South Africa on behalf of Wheels 4 Life as “Team Rothorn-Brienz”. They completed the 730km and 15350 vertical...

Climb 24 fundraiser

David Roberts is putting a on special event/ fundraiser on April 13th in Southern California. He will try to break the Guinness World Record by riding the most vertical feet on a bike within a 24hour period. Their goal is to raise enough money to buy at...

Tortour Fundraiser by Kjell Andersen and Stefan Huber

Tortour Fundraiser in Switzerland by Kjell Andersen and Stefan Huber The Tortour Race ( is a non-stop bicycle road race around Switzerland. Participants have to ride a course of 1050km/650miles and 15000m/49000ft. vertical. The course has...

Michael & Matt fundraiser

Michael & Matt fundraiser

Matt and Micheal, two 12 year old boys from the Los Angeles area, have organized a used bike collection for Wheels 4 Life. ( we usually don’t deal with used bikes, but in this case we will bring them straight to Mexico and make sure they will find owners...

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Mexico Project 2022
Kilimanjaro: Mountain of Greatness

Hans Rey, Danny MacAskill and Gerhard Czerner head out on the mountain bike journey of a lifetime. Facing intense altitude challenges and health risks, this team sets out to be the first to conquer the two highest mountains in Africa back to back on a bike, Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro

Other Ways You Can Help

Buy The Wheels 4 Life DVD

Wheels 4 Life - The Film - A Story About Giving is now available for $10 (plus S & H). The documentary film, narrated by John McEnroe, chronicles our Wheels4Villages projects in Tanzania, over the period of 14 month.
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Featured Project

EFTC Foundation

Education for the Children (EFTC) is an international NGO based in Guatemala. Wheels4Life has worked with EFTC on several projects, including the delivery of over 100 bikes.