Cape Epic ’14 Team Rothorn-Brien

Cape Epic ’14 Team Rothorn-Brien

A big thank you goes to Christoph Fuchs and Urs Schild from Switzerland. They raced this year in the 7 day Cape Epic Mountain Bike stage race in South Africa on behalf of Wheels 4 Life as “Team Rothorn-Brienz”. They completed the 730km and 15350 vertical meters in total time of 45h:24Min. .They finished the Masters Category in 59th place out of 177 teams, and in a respectable 232nd place in the overall classification out of 600 teams. Together with theirs wives, supporters and sponsored they mananged to raise over US$ 18,500.- for Wheels 4 Life. (thank you, thank you, thank you).

Thanks to Team Rothorn-Brienz, Lions Club Mutschellen-Kelleramt, Hegi Gartengesaltung AG, Chilli Sport GmbH, Widen Sehstern Optik GmbH, Berikon Sponser Sport Food AG and many friends and supporters.

Climb 24 fundraiser

David Roberts is putting a on special event/ fundraiser on April 13th in Southern California. He will try to break the Guinness World Record by riding the most vertical feet on a bike within a 24hour period. Their goal is to raise enough money to buy at least 10 bicycles for Wheels 4 Life. Click the link below to find out more about the event and how to be part of it.

Tortour Fundraiser by Kjell Andersen and Stefan Huber

Tortour Fundraiser in Switzerland by Kjell Andersen and Stefan Huber

The Tortour Race ( is a non-stop bicycle road race around Switzerland. Participants have to ride a course of 1050km/650miles and 15000m/49000ft. vertical. The course has 18 sections the two team riders alternate for a combined time.

Kjell Andersen and Stefan Huber raced in a two -men team to raise money for Wheels 4 Life. Besides their day jobs and their intense training program they also had the task of raising money and awareness for their choosen charity project.

The race was held in August 2013, after a slow start the team slowly worked their way into the top group during this strenuous race through the Swiss Alps. After 38hours and 51minutes they finished together with their support crew of five,  in a respectable 8th place in the category 2-men teams.

Congratulations for your efforts on and off the bike and a big thanks for collecting approx. $ 3600.-, enough money to buy nearly 30 bicycles!

Michael & Matt fundraiser

Michael & Matt fundraiser

Matt and Micheal, two 12 year old boys from the Los Angeles area, have organized a used bike collection for Wheels 4 Life. ( we usually don’t deal with used bikes, but in this case we will bring them straight to Mexico and make sure they will find owners in need of mobility).

They had their bike collection last weekend and collected 26 bikes plus $161 in cash. I got to meet the boys on Sunday in Orange County, when they delivered the bikes to where we are storing them until we will deliver them to Mexico.

Thank you guys for making a difference.

Read Matt Winkel’s report here:

My friend Michael and I decided to work with Wheels4Life for our Bar Mitzvah project.  We collected bikes from people in our neighborhoods and gave them to Hans Rey and his organization.  Hans planned on taking these bikes to people who needed them in Baja, Mexico.

I got a lot out of this project.  I feel like I did some good for the world by collecting 26 bikes and helping at least 26 lives.  In fact we also collected $161 in donations, which we also gave to Wheels4Life. These bikes not only will help the recipients but they also benefit the families. My friend Michael and I had so much fun with this that we are thinking of making it an annual event.  This was a great experience, combining our love of biking with helping others. I recommend that everyone who loves to bike and wants to help people who need it, to get involved with Wheels4Life. And one of the best things is that I got to meet Hans Rey, who was an awesome guy.