SET APART KENYA – Bicycles Report.

Helping Children, Youth, Women, Self Help and Community Projects

Dear Hans,

Receive greetings from Kenya. First I would like to apologize for the delay of the report this is because I have been involved in other activities in my place of work.
On behalf of the Set Apart Kenya I will like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the donation of $1000.00 that enabled us to buy 15 bicycles. Wheels4 for Life has indeed made a difference in the lives of the people here in Kenya.

The following is a short report from the distribution of bicycles in a rural village of Nyamusi Division, Nyamira District. I was able to personally deliver the 7 bicycles to the Omokia Self help group which is a local community based organization helping to uplift the lives in the village.

I will send you another report after distributing the next remaining eight bicycles
The following is what the receipts villagers of Omokia Self help group said: –

Nemwel Manyuru – “you have made the life of my wife easier, I will be able to help her carry the her luggage to the market with this bicycle”
Elijah Ondeo – “This is a miracle I have been trying to save to a bicycle but I have not been able to do so; but today my dream has come true. I will use the bicycle to transport goods and I will be able to go to places faster than before. I used to take one hour to go the market but now I will be there in fifteen minutes. Please thank the people who donated this bicycle”
Orego Maseru – “I will use the bicycle to transport bananas and tea leaves to the buying centers. Thank you for remembering us in this remote village of Kiabora”
One widow mother Askah said “the bicycle will be used my children to help me transport my goods to the market. I will be able to carry more goods than before. God bless you for this precious gift”.

Above left Orego Maseru trying the new bicycle with a basket that carries the tea leaves. Right downloading the bicycles while below is the loaded bicycles and off loading of the bicycles from the pick up that transported the bicycles from Nairobi to Nyamira District.

Another report will come after the distribution of the Maragua District.
Thank you for being patient with me. God bless you.

Humbly submitted by
Morris Ndugire
SAK Director.