June 2022

All hope is not lost for poor Malawians living in rural areas as Malawian kwacha has devaluated to 25%. Wheels 4 Life has committed itself to support people in need with Bicycles and Bike Ambulances since 2016. Over 800 Bikes has been distributed in poverty stricken areas around Mangochi district. These Bicycles are playing a huge role in helping to improve access to basic needs and services as education, health care, work and income. Empowering women and girls with Bicycles unlocks their potential and provides; more time and energy to focus in educational pursuits, more safety and confidence on routes to Schools and clinics, greater earning potential and improved standing in the households. Ambulance Bikes also makes a big difference as it is a life saving necessity. Over 300 untimely deaths have been prevented with the use of Bike ambulances. Wheels 4Life have been described by poor Malawians as a tool to save lives, fight poverty and to provide quality education for all.

Wheels 4 Life providing ambulance bikes to Malawi and Uganda

In 2020 due to the pandemic, Wheels 4 Life decided to focus on providing bicycles and ambulance bikes to healthcare workers in Malawi and Uganda. Due to Covid restrictions on movement and a general lack of bicycles available  this was logistically challenging for our project leaders in the field.

The ambulance bikes have custom built trailers with a mattress and a canopy to protect patients from the glaring sun and intense heat.

In total we were able to provide 992 bicycles at a cost of $91,377.00.

As always, we are eternally grateful to our supporters, those that believe in what we are doing and the power of bicycles and also to our invaluable volunteers that run the projects in the many countries we have provided bicycles to.

An Evening with Hans Rey &amp TransHongKong Film Premiere Fundraiser

An Evening with Hans Rey &amp TransHongKong Film Premiere Fundraiser

Singletrack For Life fundraiser 2019

Singletrack For Life fundraiser 2019

A group of friends in Genk, Belgium got together over the last 5 years and organised a guided MTB ride over the best trails Flanders has to offer as a fundraiser for Wheels 4 Life.

SINGLETRACK4LIFE was born! In Dec. 2019 volunteers guided over 200 people on endless sweeping trails in the area. If you can’t turn, you’ll learn it here. ‘Only’ 48km of flat terrain exhausted and surprisingly ended a few people before they expected it!

On this cold winter day they raised € 15,439.- for our cause.

Party, raffle, donations, BBQ, Belgian beers, some more Belgian beers, you name it! This has been the magic recipe to keep smiles on everyone’s face and collect over 50.000€ (over 5 years) for a cause we all appreciate; Wheels4Life.

A big thank you to all volunteers, sponsors and participants!!

Cheers Mark and the team


SHRED fundraising event

SHRED fundraising event

SHRED fundraiser Draper, Utah Sept. 7th


SHRED 2019 came about from mixing a desire to do good, with hours and hours of saddle time on a bike. We set out to raise funds and awareness for Wheels4Life and after some planning, coordinating, promoting, and of course, hours and hours of training time, the event came together. Riders of all ages and skill levels were invited to come and ride the Corner Canyon trail network any time throughout the event date. Some riders were on dawn patrol, starting at 5:30 AM, while others started at various times though the day. Others still joined in after being invited by riders on course! One rider, Sam Buckmiller built his entire summer training around climbing and getting donations based on his total ascent. He ended the day at 13,333 feet ( 4,064 m ) of vertical, backed by generous donors who gave accordingly.

We had a fantastic time supporting a great cause! Thanks to all those who gave so willingly, provided prizes, gave needed encouragement, and rode hard. We hope to continue the dream of SHRED, which is Share Hope, Ride Elevated, and Donate!

($ 1,400.- were raised to benefit Wheels 4 Life – thank you all)