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Stories From Around the World

For most of us bicycles are recreational equipment, but for some people a bicycle can mean survival — the difference between having a job or not, going to school or not, seeing a doctor or not...

Here are some of those people's stories about how a bike has changed their lives.

Children receiving Wheels 4 Life bikes

Letters From Wheels4Life Bike Recipients in Ghana


Wheels4Life  bicycles to the Neko Tech Centre’s Health Care Project, which will reach out to villages to educate residents on a number of issues, including economics, HIV, Family Planning, Health, environmental & agricultural matters.           

Here are letters from some of the healthcare volunteers describing themselves and how a bike will support their work:

Wisdom Tengey
Age: 28
Location: Vui ...


Woodcarver in Madagascar receives bike from W4L


Dear Hans, Peace! The good news is that your Wheels4Life project is very much welcomed by the Malagasy people. To date I have already awarded 14 bicycles to deserving persons and I tried to reach the provinces as well. I gave 10 bicycles to far-flung provinces and 4 to our women here in Antananarivo and 6 more will be given ...