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In the words of Rose Kizito from Uganda; “We have a short story from Nakkazi Betty of Lyantonde”

Nakkazi Betty is a small business holder, she grows and then sells bananas and vegetables at the market in the nearest town. She has this message to share about the difference that a Wheels 4 Life bicycle has made to her life.

Rose Kizito is one of our Ugandan Project Leaders, Rose has a foundation which specifically supports women, providing them with the assistance they need to work and support their families.

“My bike is my life. It has brought new life to my house and the two grand children I take care of are now at school. When I harvest my bananas (two or three stalks at a time), I can easily ride them to the market for sale, before I could not carry that many on my head. In the market, there are many people who can offer different prices. It is up to me to decide who takes my bananas. Before the bike came in my house, I could sell the bananas to local villagers who would give me only 5000 (Us $1.56) . but now, with the market prices at the big town, I can get shs. 15000 (Us $ 4.68). this is three times or more than what I used to get. Each month I get at least four bunches of banana from my little plantation. Added the vegated I also sell in the market, I consider my self very rich and able to support my family without complaining any more. But is thanks to the bike I got. It is true the bike is growing older each day, but I am sure, the time it will stop to help me, I will be able to take good care of my house members. Remember, the bike is not for me alone. We use it with the neighbours around and this has fetched me many friends. Friends are a resource we ought to treasure”.